About Me

I was an achiever.

Emphasis on was.

Ericka Valenciano

I tied my value to my accomplishments and achievements. Other people’s opinions weighed me down (like an anchor) no matter how hard I tried to swim further in the sea of life — I never moved an inch. There was even a point when material things became a display of how successful I am and no matter how many likes on social media I get, I wasn’t happy. All I got were breakdown episodes and piled-up credit card bills that pushed me to be even harder on myself.

I’ve never felt good enough so I strive even further just so I can say I’VE MADE IT and I WASN’T LATE.

I’ve worked countless hours at a 9-5 job that even went beyond and took over my weekends, my whole life, for years. I never minded how tired I felt, how sad I am, and how self-destructive this was.

I am a people-pleaser — aiming to live my life as a jack-of-all-trades because I thought that’s only when I matter.

Stripped away of everything when the pandemic hit us hard in 2020, I was forced to stop and see where I am and how I really am doing. I realized I was investing my life in a job where I’m just a placeholder (until they find someone better). 

A hard pill to swallow, sure. But this led me to rediscover my passion and reignite my desire to live again. More intentional and kinder to myself this time. Though this isn’t easy and I still struggle to shrug off my bad habits and systems, I now see myself for who I really am — finding the love and appreciation I seek inside me. I forgave myself and saw that I’ve done enough.

Though there are a lot of things I still don’t know, I know that I am okay and that I will be okay in the future

Soon after, I started @withlovebyeri on Instagram as a creative outlet which led me to my first client who loved how raw, soothing, and authentic my voice and writing style is. This led me to start Eri Content Studio and the rest was history.


I can tell you a lot of fluff about my extensive experience in marketing and knowledge of how to run a business. But at the end of the day, bridging the gap between the brand and the audience is most important. With the saturated digital space of today, I can help you rise above the noise and AI-generated word vomit through an impactful, valuable, and written-from-the-heart piece. 

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